All of our watches are issued with the official authorised dealer stamped international warranty card. This makes the watch identical to you buying from the authorised dealer direct yourself.

In the event of a warranty issue you can deal directly with the manufacturer or an authorised dealer. You will want them to be as helpful as possible so we do suggest you are discrete about how much you have saved buying online as they do not like the competition from the internet!

Alternatively, you can always contact us for assistance on a warranty issue.

All warranties issued will cover you against manufacturing defects, but will exclude; bracelets, straps, bezels, batteries (manufacturer’s discretion), wear & tear, misuse and abuse. Please note that the crown should be fully screwed in (where applicable) to ensure water resistance.

Extended Warranty - Quartz Batteries

In addition, we will include a 2 year warranty on all quartz batteries. We would expect the manufacturer to cover this within the first two years, but if not, simply return your watch to us and we will send it to the manufacturer to have the battery replaced and your watch resealed free of charge.

Manufacturer's Website Notices

Understandably, manufacturers do not like the competition posed by Internet companies and only want purchases to be made via the high street dealers. This way they can protect the retail prices that the high street dealers must sell at. However, as we only buy from authorised dealers ourselves, which can be shown by the official dealer stamped manufacturer's warranty supplied, the watch is identical to you purchasing from the dealer yourself. Therefore, neither the authorised dealers nor the manufacturers will be able to differentiate that you have bought your watch from Swiss Watches Direct and so they will honour the warranty.

Important Notice

Swiss Watches Direct has sold thousands of watches and we have never had a dispute over warranty. Not surprisingly, high street dealers will try and discourage internet purchases, but since all of our watches are sourced from official authorised dealers, not only are they authentic, but the manufacturers are legally obliged to honour the warranty that has been issued with the watch. We are so confident about this that we also back up the official warranty with our own identical warranty (where we will use the same manufacturer's authorised repair centres). This way, there is absolutely no doubt that your watch will be fully covered.